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Evaluation Of Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On FGM Campaign

The impact of COVID-19 is fast receding into the background, but it has left some inevitable casualties in its trail. Although, the damages are widespread, every sector has their own story to tell. In this upcoming broadcast, we will be evaluating the impact of Covid on FGM campaigns. This we will be doing with the help of a brilliant and active guest; a youth ambassador of FGM by the name of Alya Harding. Alya is also the founding director of Valued Minds and an active campaigner for women’s Before the-COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign against FGM globally had been running quite well for about three decades. Due to the pandemic, however, much of the work and access to vulnerable areas have either suffered, been slowed down or have been halted altogether (source: Lancet Public Health). In this programme we will be evaluating the consequences of this trend, with possible recommendations from experts to relevant stakeholders on what to do about it, and how to get the campaigns back on track.

First broadcast: 13 June 2022

Alya Harding, FGM Youth Ambassador

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Evaluation Of Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On FGM Campaign

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Hosted by:Apostle Larry Dorkenoo