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Community Event Discussing Prospects for Ghana & African Youth in AmsterdamLast year (in 2014) you may have taken part in a project which examined issues pertaining to the development and the economic situation of Ghanaian youth in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Southeast district council has requested that a presentation of findings and an evaluation session be held by parti...
Youth: Issues They Are Dealing With TodayOur young people are sometimes forgotten and put on the back-burner (as it were). But, more so often it has been proven that giving them attention to air their views and perspectives on life's issues can be a helpful and preventive way, to them making terrible mistakes in life. In our broadcast... Jerry Cobblah and his friends
Teenage Pregancies - The Heart-BreaksTeenage motherhood is a phenomenon probably more common with our modern society than at any other time in recent history. This trend could continue so for so many reasons, however, it is important to find out how these young mothers cope with their situation. In this broadcast we will be hosting ...
ZuidOost Kids Sing Christmas Carols on Radio RAZOA group of children (aged between 9 and 19) from Amsterdam Southeast will be giving a Christmas Carols show on the airtime of Radio Naija. The show will comprise of carols and the reading of Biblical passages. The aim of this show is to primarily to let the voices of our children be heard over t... A selection of kids from Amsterdam Southeast
Gun Violence: The Scourge of Despair Among Youth TodayGun violence among young people has become a gruesome scourge on our modern civilisation. Across the continents of America, Europe, Africa and Asia we see that the threat of gun violence among youth people has very much increased in recent memory. Why is this and is there a way to curb these dang... Ms. Kitra Williams (Atlanta, USA) & Mr. Iwan Leeuwin, politician (Groenlinks), Amsterdam Southeast