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Patience Mayaki-van der Horst for European ParliamentThis is a brief (20-minute) radio interview this morning with Patience Mayaki-van der Horst, an aspiring EU Parliamentarian of NIgerian origin. When you see a woman, and for that matter one with migrant origins eyeing a political office at the European Parliament, then it’s a potent sign that w... Patience Mayaki-van der Horst
Western Sahara Problem and the Role of EuropeToday, we are putting the spotlight on Western Sahara, which is a sparsely-populated area of mostly desert situated on the northwest coast of Africa. It was a former Spanish colony, and then it was annexed by Morocco in 1975. Since then it has been the subject of a long-running territorial dispu... Frank Willems, WSRW (Western Sahara Resource Watch)
Impact of a Donald Trump PresidencyHere is a en assessment of the possible impact of a Donald Trump US presidency. This assessment looked at the way he is perceived by the world in general, how his leadership could impact Africa, Europe and other parts of the word. Also, touched on was how he could be handle terrorism.... Okuns Obahiagbon (D66), Ama Carr Sarpong Boateng (PvdA), Jean Paul
Paid-Parking In Southeast- Evaluation DebateA few years back (2011 thereabout) the paid-parking policy was debated and the implementation of which was begun. At the time some local politicians were in favour and some not. Why was that policy first initiated and has that objective been achieved or not? For the benefit of Amsterdam Sout... Ama Carr-Boateng (PvdA), Okuns Obahiagbon (D66),Mala Eckhardt-Anga (PvdA)
Voting On EU-Ukraine Association AgreementIt is time to go to the polls again! On Wednesday on April 6, 2016, all Dutch citizens will be going to vote and the outcome of which will be used to determine whether or not Ukraine will be allowed into trade relations with the EU. It is also believed that the polls will also give an indication ... Ms. Mala Eckhardt-Angna (PvdA), former NH provincial candidate, Mr. Okuns Obahiagbon (OZO party)
Lets Talk Amsterdam Southeast with Muriel DalglieshMurïel Dalgliesh is the ChairLady of the governing commission (or Bestuurcommissie) of Amsterdam Southeast district. In this show she will be discussing developmental and community issues in Amsterdam Southeast. Among them will be: the replacement of Mr. Emile Jaensch (former daily board member ... Ms.Muriel Dalgliesh, ChairLady, Amsterdam Southeast District (middle)
international decade for people of african descentThis was an introduction discussion about the decennium for Africans and people of African descent. Dr.Cain tried to explain in basic terms what the entire project is about.... Dr. Artwell Cain
African Union Diaspora: 6th Region Round-Table Evalution DiscussionThe African Union 6th Region is a conglomeration of people of African descent scattered across the globe. This is an official recognition at the AU level and it comprises Africans, their immediate and distant descendants from across the nations of the world. Here in the Netherlands (and in Europ... (l-r) Simon Tsike-Sossah,Simao Miguel, Oyewumi Ishaq Bello & Apostle Helen Dorkenoo
Is Diaspora Participation in Local Politics Socially & Economically Helpful?One lingering question that keeps coming up from time to time is: are people in diaspora effectively capable of contributing to the social and economic empowerment of their local communities through involvement in local politics? When we speak of integration and building social cohesion, but wher... hon. Collins Nweke, a local councillor (Oostend, Belgium), Ms. Augustina Osei,(PvdA( and Okuns Obahiagbon (OZO)
Nigerian Elections & Politics At Cross-Roads -Part 2This segment takes off from where we left off last week: Nigeria is on the verge of a major political shift in the next presidential election. The stakes are high and the contenders are tough with each poised to win. Who are contending with Goodluck Jonathan for the presidency? Some are asking w... Chief Kyrian Agbodike, Elton Onwu, Tony, MAzi Aguzien
Diasporans Tackle Developmental IssuesVery often people who are abroad and outside are usually excluded from the politics of their home countries. That sense of exclusion from national heartbeat issues plays out among this category of people in many different ways. Others notwithstanding find ways and means to become revelant in matters... Donatus Ohiagu, Saheed Yinusa, James Ginikawa & Bisi Olaitun
RWANDA- Rebuilding in a Post-Conflict SocietyRebuilding what has been damaged can be quite a challenge when compared with undertaking totally brand new projects. This is especially so with war-ravaged areas in Africa already struggling with limited and scarce resources. To assist us in discussing this topic would be his excellency ambassad... his excellency ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga of Rwanda
Pacesetter: Young Nigerian Politician in Holland - Okuns ObahiagbonMr. Okuns Obahiagbon may seem most unlikely but some how he shot into political stardom within his D66 (Fractie D66-OZO), as the first Nigerian in Dutch politics. In this interview we will get our listeners and Amsterdammers acquainted this promising African politician. There is no denying the fa... Okuns Obahiagbon, D66 (Fractie D66-OZO)
AUADS 6th Region/RT Evaluation‏...
Mandela Park and Zwarte Piet Controversy The uproar caused by the flowery effigy of Nelson Mandela, made by primary school children in Amsterdam Southeast and unveiled during the inaugural renaming of the Bijmer Park has not quite really died down. Residents still have an opinion which they wish to express on the matter and so in our ne... Guilly Koster, Jude Kehla