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Medical Care for Irregular Migrants in the NetherlandsInterview with Lawyer Anton Kleijweg, partner Schuurman Kleijweg de Vries. Mr. Keijweg is an experienced immigration lawyer from the law firm Schuurman Kleijweg de Vries based in Voorburg. He is regular columnist in the African Bulletin monthly newspaper and has featured on several occasions on out... Lawyer Anton Kleijweg
Immigration Update with Lawyer Joyce van KoesveldThis is a straight-to-point discussion with lawyer Joyce van Koesveld of Koesveld Advocaten in Amsterdam. We discussed current issues pertaining to verification and legalisation of documents origination from Ghana in the context of immigration,family reunion, child custody. Also, we discussed the i... Joyce van Koesveld
Legal matters: Common Issues Affecting (Im)migrants in 2011Monday's broadcast features an important but exciting topic - immigration to the Netherlands. We have been anticipating this for some time now and we hope our listeners will have much to learn from this segment with Mr. Kleijweg, an experienced immigration lawyer from Schuurman Kleijweg de Vries... Mr. mr, Anton Kleijweg, Immigration lawyer