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Which Way To Go Under Kenneth Gbandi?On the 12th of November 2016 NIDOE (Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation Europe) held its bi-annual elections in Athens, Greece emerging with a new set of leaders for the period 2016 - 2018. Heading the new executive board as chairman is the Hamburg-based Mr. Kenneth Gbandi who also will be our gue... Mr. Kenneth Gbandi
The Panama Papers & Tax Havens: What It Means To YouWhy all the talk about the Panama Papers? What is a tax paradise? Why do people use it? Who may use? How legal is it? These and more questions we will be answered in this show. Our guest today is Ton Krol of Blue Clue Tax Solutions... Ton Krol, Blue Clue Tax Solutions Amsterdam
Anti-Incasso: Are Debt Collectors Milking Us Dry?It is said that new money is created when people go into debt and when debt is created people get into problems. In this programme we discuss with a young lawyer has has begun an initiative intended to assist the vulnerable in society who are being exploited by greedy debt-collectors who inflate... Lawyer Don Ceder, Ceder Advocatuur
Wealth Creation with Kingdom Business CommunityCreating wealth is a important task that requires knowledge and skill. Some people have a natural flare for it and others have been trained with financial principles. Today, we are hosting in our studio two gentlemen from an organisation called Kingdom Business Community. They are a group focus... Mr Walther Haaswijk & Mr Mackintosh,
Economic Forum - Diasporal Remittances & Foreign Aid- Part 2Today we continue with our discourse on “Diasporal Remittances and Foreign Aid”. With a new set of panellists, we will examine, the scale, scope and prospects of capitalising on remittances by migrants leaving in diaspora to their home countries. We will be examining the future prospects of ... : Dr. Artwell Cain, Drs. Marciano Dans of Radio Brasa Rotterdam and Stanley Mbelu
Acquire New Skills for Financial EmpowermentA volunteer-spirit is a "free and selfless" spirit and not everyone likes to share what they have got with others. The good news, however, is that there are still "free-spirited" people in our world who like to share what they have got. Roos Wouters is a gifted and skilled Dutch lady who knows ho... Roos Wouters, An Empowerment Volunteer
Money Matters: Living By Financial WisdomWhat is financial wisdom? We all claim to be financially astute, but the reality of our claims may actually be questionable. In our next radio programme, our guest Ilona Iskrzycka will be sharing practical ideas on wisdom which is capable of empowering you to be financially better off. She says... Ms. Ilona Iskrzycka International Recruiter & Savings Advisor
Entrepreneurship: You Too Can Succeed!Most people do not easily realise all the positives that are inside of them. Sometimes it takes another (good) person to tell them what they have, in spite of all their problems and setbacks. . One such person who has the ability to see beyond the obvious is Ruth Sinkelar. Ruth is a life-coach, t... Ruth Sinkelar
Financial Empowerment for Everyone What are the secrets to financial success? Is it possible to succeed in the face of serious odds? Are there reliable principles one can follow for financial success? In this broadcast we will examine these matters in detail.... Pastor I. Abarshi