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Donor Register & COVID 19 ReviewIn this broadcast we will be focusing on the Donor law and register in the Netherlands. Also, we will be touching briefly on the status of COVID 19 here in the NL. Our goal here is to bring awareness to the general public and especially the migrant community about the rights and obligations wi... Ms. Fester Imoh & Leonieke Schouwenburg
Is the Covid-19 Booster Vaccine for You?Our fight against the corona pandemic is far from over! After the initial protective jabs, now we all are being told to get a booster jab against the new Omicron variant of the virus. Some may be wondering, “why another jab?”, and will that be it or there’s more to come? To help us explo... Leonieke Shouwenburg,Stichting Inclusia
Role of Veilig Thuis in Preventing FGMThe battle to end FGM (or female genital mutilation) is on and it is still a trending topic in certain governmental and law- enforcement circles. According to a 2013 study by Pharos, an expert organization, thousands of girls living in the Netherlands are at risk of FGM every year due to their na... Dr. Jolande Schoonenberg, Veilig Thuis Amsterdam
Corona Vaccines and Vaccination Bubbles-Dilemma of a communityToday we would be discussing about COVID-19 vaccines. Everything you need to know and learn will be right here! We all have experienced the fears and anxieties connected with the arrival of the vaccines due to the so many conspiracy theories. Some in fact, have bought into all these beliefs and... Wineke van Seters
COVID-19: Information and Benefits of Safety Protocols &TestingWelcome to this special programme on the Corona pandemic for the Ghanaian community being facilitated by the municipality of Amsterdam. Since early in 2020, our world has been gripped with coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19). All over the world nations, businesses and families are grapp... Guest(s): Vanessa Attia & Dr. Annemieke Woudenberg-de Groot
HEALTHY LIFESSTYLE & CHILD UPBRINGING - Family Life ProjectWithout doubt, parenting remains a phenomenon that challenges the best in us as parents or guardians. Combining healthy choices and child upbringing is quite demanding. A dominant concern for parents and guardians is how the choices they make impact the life and for that matter future of the chi... Sanne – (Member, The Family Project Team), Mimi & Eunice (Parents)
Healthy Lifestyle & Child Upbringing - Family ProjectThere are all kinds of parents. What is common to all is that all would be parents desire to have a healthy child at birth. Making healthy choices for yourself as a parent, a child or the family as a whole can, however, be very challenging. Combining healthy choices and child upbringing is quite... Monique, Maria and Sanne van Lieshout
Healthy Lifestyle With Migrant Mothers-Family Project (Biola)This is a sequel to a previous programme on healthy lifestyle with migrant mothers in Amsterdam. Based on a study of migrants of West-African and Afro-Surinamese origin. This project is in collaboration with health authorities from the Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC), the GGD, Amsterdam Aanpak Gezo... Panel: Biola & Florence Fernald
Healthy Lifestyle With Migrant Mothers-Family ProjectWe live today in a world faced with challenges. Often we make the right choices to take on these challenges, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide on how to respond to lifestyle situations and to make healthy choices. Good example here is when it comes to decisions to improve on the health of ... Panel (l-r): Sanna van LIeshout, Stella Felix & Rev. HelenRuth Dorkenoo (host)
Corrective Possibilities For Children With Nutritional DeficienciesA previous programme we examined nutritional deficiencies and the damages it causes children. In this segment will be looking corrective measures to those problems. Our guest once more is Dr. Jeanne-Marie Hament, a pediatrician from the Amsterdam municipal healthy service (GGD). ... Dr. Jeanne-Marie Hament,(Pediatrician, GGD).
Impact of nutritional deficiencies on children (in 1st 1000 Days of Life)This programme seeks to create/increase awareness about the potential health risks posed by nutritional deficiencies to children; especially during the 1st 1000-days of life (i.e. from pregnancy to the 1st two years). By so doing, we hope to empower parents (and mothers especially) and to teach them... Dr. Jeanne-Marie Hament, a pediatrician from the Amsterdam municipal healthy service (GGD). Dr. Jeanne-Marie Hament, a pediatrician from the Amsterdam municipal healthy service (GGD).Dr. Jeanne-M
Beliefs on How to Raise Healthy Migrant Children in the 1st 1000 Days of Life In this show we will be exploring what are some of the cultural and traditional beliefs pertaining to carrying pregnancy and raising healthy children within the 1st 1000 days of life (i.e. from conception to the second year). The primary aim of this event is to investigate which beliefs and pract... Mrs. Joyce Aboagye (maternity nurse and proprietor of Joy Kraamzorg), Sylvia Vermaars and Peter
Myths on How to Raise Healthy Migrant Children in the 1st 1000 Days of LifeIn this show we will be exploring what are some of the cultural and traditional beliefs pertaining to carrying pregnancy and raising healthy children within the 1st 1000 days of life (i.e. from conception to the second year). The primary aim of this event is to investigate which beliefs and practic... Panel (l-r): Mrs. Choice Osagiede, Caroline Mbi Ayuk, Mr. Nii Tackie & Apostle HelenRuth Dorkenoo
Community Perspective-Economics of Nurturing in the 1st 1000 Days of LifeToday’s broadcast is a follow-up on an earlier one which explored the most affordable way to provide healthy nutrition to one’s household, but most especially to children in the 1st 1000 days of their lives. The accent will rest on practical budgeting tips which can help parents comfortably rais...
The economics of nurturing healthy children within 1000 daysThe principal aim of this event is to teach (give knowledge) about affordable and economically-feasible tips and skills for providing good nutrition during the ‘1000-day’ period around a woman’s pregnancy and child birth. With this actitvity we wish to demonstrate that unborn children may b... Mary-Jane Tan (dietician) & Ms. Rejoice Dotse (mother)
1000 Days of Life Nurturing Children from West African Indigenous Tradition and CultureWelcome to another informative broadcast provided via Radio Naija & Majesty TV media platforms. Our next programme explores the impact west African culture and tradition in raising children during the first 1000 days of life. This broadcast aims to set up a knowledge exchange platform among a... Panel (l-r): Rev. HelenRuth Dorkenoo (hostess), Ms. Joyce Aboagye (maternity nurse),Sam Nii-Tettey Nartey (parent), Cecilia Achonu (parent), Linda Leijdekker (AAGG) Rejoice Dotse (parent) and Choice
1000 Days Perspectives from Migrant and Dutch mothersIn this programme we will be analyzing practices around the carrying of pregnancy till the second year of the child (i.e. ‘1000 days’ of life) of a migrant and a Dutch (Western) mother. Hereby we hope to gain some understanding into lifestyle practices and how it impacts the latter life and he... Joy Aboagye (Joy Kraamzorg), Choice Osagiede (Migrant mother), Sylvia Vermaas (Dutch mother), LInda Leijdekker (GGD)
Health Implications of the 1st 1000 Days of LifeIt has become apparent that certain health challenges can be arrested at source. Our next radio programme will be part of a series dealing with this topic. In this episode we would be tackling the health implications of what happens in the first 1000 days of life (that is, from pregnancy to the s... Panel (l-r): Rev. HelenRuth Dorkenoo(hostess) Henna Playfair (midwife) and Nathalie Linger-Sumter (AAGG) and Rev. Larry Dorkenoo (host)
1000 days’ Preventive session with Oodua Progressive Union NL Women ChapterThe objective of this event will be put together for an information session a cross-section of women from the Oodua Progressive Union Netherlands Chapter, to discuss and learn the core issues about the ‘1000 days’ campaign and its significance for the migrant woman and mother. This activity w... Reps. of Oodua Progressive Union Women Chapter leadership
Migrant Community Leaders Perspective on Healthy LifestyleThis programme is a follow-up on an earlier one, discussing migrant community leaders' role and perspectives on the 'healthy lifestyle' campaign. So far we have discussions with health and lifestyle professionals on problems and possible solutions pertaining a healthy lifestyle for migrants in this... Community leaders and health professionals
Practicing Your Faith When Confronted with Lifestyle Issues (Part 2)How does one combine practicing his/her faith when there are health challenges? The influence of faith (or belief) of people can be very crucial; especially, when lifestyle issues are involved. This programme intends to engage religious leaders to discuss pertinent issues when it comes to combini... Pastor Nana Baiden, Pastor Kutu, & Mufti Ababujey
Affordable Nutritional Tips For a Healthy LifestyleA healthy lifestyle is sometimes perceived as an “expensive” and “above budget” lifestyle and this is an unfortunate notion. Most people tend to link a healthy lifestyle to a higher cost of living and we hope to dispel the myth today from people’s minds. In this programme we hope to sh... Channy Barzely and Sanna Sumner
The Family unit & Healthy LivingIn this broadcast we will be dealing with how to “support the family unit” for a healthy lifestyle. In this show we will be surveying this scope and impact of project. For a guest we have today Dr. Marieke Hartman who is an expert in health promotion among multicultural communities. She wo... Dr. Marieke Hartman
Caring for Society's Vulnerable and Doctors of the WorldIn today’s broadcast we are spotlighting Doctors of the World (in Dutch -Dokters van de Wereld). The Doctors of the World (DOTW) provide emergency and long-term medical care to the world's most vulnerable people. It also advocates to end health inequities. It was founded in 1980 by a group ... Annette Hoogerbrugge, Care Coordinator, Doctors of the World
Physiotherapy & You with AdamPhysiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. A physiotherapist is therefore the person who helps people affected by injury, illness or disability to regain partially or wholly use of their body functions through movement and exercise, m... Adam Barszczowski,Physiotherapist (C-enter,Amsterdam)
The Pastor’s Job & A Healthy Lifestyle - Pt. 1The life of a pastor is sacrificial and can be emotionally and spiritually demanding. This is so because they take on other people's burdens. In this programme representatives of the pastoral community will be on the show, analyzing the occupational hazards involved in the lifestyle of religious... Rev. Dr. Tom Marfo, Rev. Chris Ankoma & Rev.Bright Antwi
Forum:Migrant Community Leaders Perspective On Healthy LifestyleSo far we have discussions with health and lifestyle professionals on problems and possible solutions pertaining a healthy lifestyle for migrants in this country. There is an outbreak of health problems linked to overweight and obesity. In this forum representatives/leaders of the migrant communi... (L-R:Standing): Mr. J. Rwasibo, Mr. A. Okele, Ps. F. Agu, Chief Mrs. E. Azih, Mr.G. Ejiogu, Mr, M. Abdi,(Sitting: L-R): Ps. Quayson, Ms. S. Ackah, Dr. M. Mogisha, Dcn. C. Ayuk
Faith & Health: Practicing When Confronted by Lifestyle IssuesThere are times when it seems practicing one's faith is at odds with health concerns and/or common sense. These are some of the issues we wish to explore with religious leaders and adherents. Probing further the health and lifestyle issues confronting our community today, the time has come for us... Mala Echkhardt, PvdA politician and Hindi, alhaji Yussuf Ouro, Muslim leader, pastor Quayson K, Christian minister & community leader, Samuel Walumbinga, leader, Sympathy religion.
Good Tips for practical lifestyle adjustments and affordable nutrition In this programme we will place the focus on practical lifestyle adjustments leading to a healthier lifestyle. Also, we will combine the discussion with how to incorporate affordable nutrition into one’s lifestyle. Most people tend to link a healthy lifestyle to a higher cost of living and we ... Joyce Buitenhuis, Physiotherapist at the C-centre.
Practical Perspectives on a Healthy Lifestyle (Assisted by Professionals)We have been looking at issues around the subject of a healthy lifestyle among Amsterdammers. In today’s show we would engage healthy lifestyle professionals to provide our listeners/viewers with tips and aids on basic and practical lifestyle adjustments which can lead to better health for all.... Alfred Asante (nutritionist and sports trainer), Frank Wijndenbosch (actor and healthy lifestyle activist)
Evaluating: Results of HIV Oral Self-Test TrialsOne of the notable advances in HIV/AID testing and treatment is the development of an oral self-test kit. A team of researchers from the municipal health service (GGD) has been carrying out trial runs with this kit. During this radio broadcast we hosted the lead researcher of this effort (wi... Dr. Jannie van der Helm and Priscilla (GGD Amsterdam)
Role of the Amsterdam municipality (government) promoting a healthy lifestyle for the communityThe fight for a healthy lifestyle for all Amsterdammers is not just a governmental policy directive, but also involves a hands-on and practical approach by its officials. Civil servants from the municipality and local districts are collaboratively working with residents and NGOs for a successful ... Oscar Hulsher, Buurtmanager stadsdeel Zuidoost, Karen den Hertog, Clustermanager
Healthy Lifestyle: Dynamics Influencing Change for The Migrant in AmsterdamAs part of our promoting a 'healthy lifestyle' for us all, we will be looking at the dynamics influencing lifestyle changes in favour of migrant people living in Amsterdam. When people come here from overseas, they bring along with them everything about their culture, habits, knowledge and more. ... Saskia van Veen, Farida de Ramdanie, Vianca Felix and Tenyll Codfried
The movement for a healthy lifestyle for Amsterdam: A Community-based analysisResearch has shown that there is a high frequency of deaths under the migrant community linked to unhealthy lifestyles among the people. Realising the influence the community leaders have over their people, we hosted them in this discussion in order to lay proper emphasis on the importance of a ...
Lifestyle analysis – Possible Cause of Frequent Pre-mature Deaths in the Migrant CommunityIn this programme, an analysis will be made and possible links drawn to people's unhealthy lifestyles and the frequent deaths within the migrant community. Our target group here is migrant people of West African origin living in Amsterdam. Channy Barzely (Dietician). She studied Pedagogy and N... Channy Barzely & Dr. Charles Agyeman
Healthy Lifestyle: What is It and Why It is ImportantA 'Healthy lifestyle' is currently the buzzword among health practitioners and on the agendas of national and local governments. In Amsterdam, we have joined the fray to fight against obesity, overweight and to promote a healthy way of living. From us, this will be the beginning of a series ... Ismene Montnor (dietician, DieetPlaneet) & Juan Walter, (public health officer, GGD)
1000 Days Around Pregnancy of Migrant Women in AmsterdamIn this programme the panelists discuss an important lifestyle and health issue among migrant women living in Amsterdam. Discover the main things promoting this health crisis and it may be prevented. Guest were Dr. Lia van der Ham (Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Phyllis Doll (a consultant... Dr. Lia van der Ham, Phyllis Doll and Tenyll Codfried
The Autonomy of Women in Health MattersThe autonomy of women in general is a crucial issue. Because of male dominance in nearly all spheres of life and the slow pace of implementing stipulations of the universal equality between men and women, most men still try to think and to make decisions for their women; even when it has to do with... Dr. Eva Robertson, Gynaecologist - Zuidoost Kliniek Amsterdam
Important Health Insurance Matters for 2016Once more, we would like to enlighten our listeners about the best possible options available to us when it come to choosing a health insurer for 2016. For those wishing to switch insurers but need more information on the choices available and the most important changesin 2016, then this is your... Ms. Ruth Dara, from the Press and communication department of DGN Groep / Zorgkiezer.
The Real Impact of Overweight and Obesity Among AmsterdammersThe Amsterdam municipality is aggressively tackling overweight and obesity among its citizens. As a complement to this initiative, we have started a series of programmes on this subject-matter. In this segment, we will be analysing the long-term social, psychological and economic consequences of ... Juan Walter (health officer, GGD Amsterdam) and Frank Wijdenbosch (Sttg. Seven Arts), an actor and activist
Reconstructive Genital Surgery with Dr Rafeet B. KarimThe after-care for a women living with the effects of FGM is an important one. Due to the damages on the genitalia sustained by these women, providing any form of after-care which is able to help them lead normal lives is crucial. Our guest today, Dr. Refaat B. Karim (born in 1964) is a highly re... Dr Rafeet B. Karim
The Psychology and Discipline of Having a Healthy LifestyleThe beat is on and we are drumming the message loud and clear on 'obesity and overweight'. An important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just doing the talk or theory, since most people are struggling with the discipline of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There's obviously, a... Sanna Sumner (nutritionist), Frank Wijdenbosch (actor/activist), Caroline Levedag (dietician)
Obesity & Overweight - Exploring the Cause& Effect of the Current CrisisBeginning this year 2015, the Amsterdam municipality has begun to tackle overweight and obesity on an area by area basis. The municipal health authority (GGD) in conjunction with local NGOs and professional health practitioners are bundling their efforts together to reach every neighbourhood. The... Ismene Montnor (Dietician,Dietisten Praktijk Sevgi )
Why Are Dutch Doctors Unhappy With Health Insurers? According to the website (quoting a survey by national GPs association LHV), 9 out of 10 family doctors are unhappy with the contract they have signed with health insurance companies. The health insurance system is expected to be functioning as in a free market, however, it appears ... doctor F Ogbuli, GP
Women's Wellness: Prolapse of the UterusYou may be asking "what is vaginal prolapse?" It is the drooping or prolapse of pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus, vagina, small bowel, and rectum. This occurs when the muscles and tissues supporting the organs weaken, sometimes as a result of aging, pregnancy and childbirth, obesity... Dr. Lara Gerbrandy-Schreude
Gender: How Compatible Is It With Religious Beliefs? - Part 3In this broadcast, our goal would be to generate recommendations for improving the gender-balance in society; especially in religious organisations and this will be via their religious leaders. Gender inequality is still an issue among some people groups. That said, some organisations are making...
Youth, Cannabis & Soft Drugs: The Case of Abuse by Amsterdam YouthThe trend of soft drugs use and abuse by migrant youth in Amsterdam has reached alarmingly proportions; in fact, it has outstripped the figures of native Dutch youth. In our next broadcast we will be delving into this issue with our guest Chareen Soekardjo who is a youth prevention worker at Jell... Chareen Soekardjo
Mid-Life Crisis: What is it and Why Should I Care?Midlife crisis is a transition experienced by many people somewhere at the 'middle' of their lives. Sometimes, this crisis can be triggered by changes in their lives such as andropause or menopause, the death of parents or other causes of grief, unemployment or underemployment etc, etc. n this... H.E. Ambassador Prof. Mrs. R. RonoKenya Ambassador & Dean of African Diplomats
Autism: How to Recognise and Handle ItAutism is a brain disorder that often makes it hard to communicate with and relate to others. With autism, the different areas of the brain fail to work together. Most people with autism will always have some trouble relating to others. But early diagnosis and treatment have helped more and more ... Guest: Irma Brul, Principal of Orion College Amsterdam
Impact of Grief one's Mental HealthThe long-term impact grief appears to be unknown to most people. Our guest currently works with parents and children who have difficulties with "participation and integration" in regular society. In the past Ms. Werleman worked for 35 years as a socio-psychiatric health officer with the Minis... Ms. Sherine WerlemanSocio-Psychiatric Health consultant
Mid-life Crisis: How to Recognise and Handle ItThere was a song on radio many years back which says "I wish I'd never grow old." But, that is of course just wishful thinking. With ageing comes changes, not only in one's body but also in one's feelings and behaviour. It is stage which brings on strange behaviours and feelings in one's life... Dr. I Cohen, Psychologist Gezondheidscentrum Hollendrecht
Kidney Stones: How to Prevent and Treat itKidney stones? What are they and how do they get to be in one\\\'s body? Kidney stones can cause a lot of pain and symptoms include back pain and blood in the urine Did you know that some types of food could lead to the formation of kidney stones in your body? Dr. de la Rosette is a top... Prof.dr.J.J.M.C.H. de la Rosette, Head of Urology department, AMC University Hospital
Erection Problems With MenErection problems in men may be a taboo problem that is not openly discussed due sometimes to the embarrassment it can cause and probably, the low self-esteem it produces in its victims, but there is hope. The problem is there when the male sexual organ is unable to sustain a strong-enough erecti... Dr. F. Ogbuli, a general practitioner. S
Depression Today: Understanding its Causes & TreatmentDepression could cripple the life of someone you love or care about. It robs them of their strength, joy and purpose in life. It can affect the victim's moods and mental condition, but it is treatable. In this broadcast Ms. Macnack, a trained specialist in treating depression will examine the sub... Urmy D. Macnack
Health Tips on Traveling With Children To the TropicsOur immunity to diseases and infections is greatly influenced by where we live and for how long. Also, we need to realise that our children do not automatically inherit the immunity we have had for years. In this broadcast, we will examine the case of children born in a location (say Europe) oth... Jacobien Kalule - Dusseldorp & Marianne de Jonge-Smits, Tropical disease department, AMC
Allergies: Diagnosis & Cure for Hay-FeverMost likely you or someone you know has allergies. The usual reaction manifesting as itchy, puffy, watery eyes and red, stuffy nose signal changes in the seasons in homes and workplaces across the country. Anyone experiencing these symptoms may likely be suffering from allergic rhinitis, or hay feve... Dr. F. Ogbuli, HuisartsPraktijk F Ogbuli Amsterdam Zuidoost
Gender Influence on STI/HIV IssuesGender power plays an important role in sexual health issues affecting men and women; especially in the diaspora. It is a subtle but often underestimated factor in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV cases. In this broadcast and with the help of an expert on gender issues, we will... Elizabeth Njeru, Program Officer Ethnic Minorities Program (SOA Aids Nederland)