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Akosombo dam spillage: Impact & ResponseThis panel discussion will be in solidarity with the people of the Volta region of Ghana, who have been affected the water spills from the Akosombo dam. Lots of homes have been flooded, destroyed and peoples livelihoods, properties and assets ruined. Could this whole “tragedy” not have been a... Ruthie Bonney, Eric Tindy, Lewis Akrasi Addo
1 Year of SKIN Amsterdam- looking furtherThe aim of this programme is to share with the body of Christ and general public, more about the work of SKIN national and SKIN Amsterdam, as part of the 1st anniversary celebrations. We hope to highlight some of the key achievements, hopes and dreams of the organization during this broadcast, ... Madelon Grant, national coordinator, SKIN. ,Pastor Seth Adzokatse, Presbyterian Church of Ghana (Amsterdam) , Rev. Nana Baiden, Senior pastor, Love Christian Centre
Understanding forms of honour-based violence and possible signs or indicatorsIn this next segment radio programme, we will be touching on the topic “honour-related violence”. This is another serious taboo issue, still prevalent in our modern society that some would rather throw under the rug! Despite much on-going activism and campaigns, the phenomenon is still much ar... : Prof. Dr. Janine Janssen,n Security in Dependency Relations,s head of research at the National Expertise Center for Honour-related Violence, :Ms. Ruthie Bonny, social worker
Understanding the consequences and impact of forced marriagesIn this show we wil seek to understand, as well as share with our listeners, how a forced marriage impacts the life of its victims. Unfortunately, this is still one of the hidden and taboo issues plaguing our modern human society.

According to the OHCHR, child and forced marriage (CFM) is a ... Diny Flierman, Manager, Landelijk Knooppunt Huwelijksdwang en Achterlating
The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II - The Pros and ConsQueen Elizabeth II has become the longest reigning monarch in modern history. She died last week on 8 September 2022 at the age of 96. She was queen regnant of 32 sovereign states during her lifetime and 15 at the time of her death. Her reign of 70 years and 214 days is the longest of any Britis... Hon. Kenneth Gbandi, Chief Emmanuel Nii Tackie, Hon. Frederick Odorige
Forced Abandonment of Children: Early Indications and PreventionEvery year it is estimated that between 150 and 800 young people from a migrant background are left behind abroad by parents or custodians (source: Although the phenomenon of abandonment has been around for a much longer time, professionals and authorities have only real... Diny Flierman
Preventing Honour-Killings & Domestic ViolenceHonour-related crimes are still being committed all around us, and not everyone does recognise when it is happening. It comprises of actions or activities aimed at either upholding or restoring a perceived damage to a family’s honour or reputation. These actions or activities may take on one of... Janine Janssen, Head of Research Dutch National Expertise Centre for Honour-related Violence of the Dutch Police
Why Forced Marriages are still prevalent and how should we respond?On a global scale, 12 million girls are forced into marriage every year before the age of 18; this figure boils down to 28 girls per minute (source: UN OHCHR). Exacerbating this problem is the increased trend in global human trafficking, and this calls for everyone to become more aware and also ... Diny Flierman, Manager Landelijk Knooppunt Huwelijksdwang en Achterlating
Evaluation Of Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On FGM CampaignThe impact of COVID-19 is fast receding into the background, but it has left some inevitable casualties in its trail. Although, the damages are widespread, every sector has their own story to tell. In this upcoming broadcast, we will be evaluating the impact of Covid on FGM campaigns. This we wil... Alya Harding, FGM Youth Ambassador
International WomenThis year 2022, marks 111 years since the very first International Women’s Day gathering! Yes, 110 years! On the one hand, so much has changed, improved and developed since then. However, there is still so much to do in attaining the much-sought-after gender parity with the male counterparts. ... Mrs. Veronica van Der Kamp,Ms. Ruth Bonney, Mrs. Choice Osaghiede, Pastor Favour Dare, Pastor Esther Aluko
Getting Acquainted With the Police Agents in the Bijlmer & Their JobPolicing within any community is very important for civil order, security and safety of everyone. Yet, the relationship between the police and civil society sometimes has its highs and lows! The Bijlmer police has been working hard at maintaining a healthy and positive relationship between it and... Messrs Gregory van Geene & Edward Young, of the Bijlmer Politie
The Power of Positive Upbringing (Parenting)OKT (or Ouder Kind Team) is a youth care agency facilitated by the Amsterdam municipality to assist parents raise their children in the most optimal way. In this broadcast we will be exploring some the activities and methods being used by this agency in its work. Join us to learn more about ... 1.Cécile Winkelman (Project leader, Preventie Ouder Kind Teams (OKT), Amsterdam, 2. Msizi Dube, Ubuntu
Stop Mega Windmills in ZuidoostDo you care about your health and your environment? Well, there is a move to install mega windmills in parts of Amsterdam Southeast for energy generation. The problem is that these machines will be in the living areas or too close to them posing health risks to us all. If you care then add your v... Mark Bakker, Resident of Amsterdam Southeast
International Women’s Day 2021 (IWD )This year’s International Women's Day falls on 8 March and will be celebrated worldwide. It offers an opportunity to reflect on progress made, the call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their c... Ms. Patience Mayaki-van der Horst, Ms. Hajara Yusuf, Ms. Simone Anna de Jong
The #EndSARS Crisis: Situation Analysis & SolutionsThe #EndSARS movement seems to have become for the Nigerian nation, a watershed moment that promised to usher in major changes at all levels of government and in the economy. This movement begun with Nigerian youth from the 8th of October as protest against police brutality meted out by SARS (the... Hon. Collins Nweke, Mr. Joachim Okhai, Hon Kenneth Gbandi,
D66 & the Assisted-Suicide Bill: Pros & ConsAccording to a recent news publication in the Dutch news media the D66 (the Liberal Democratic) Party is pushing a legislation which would make it possible for the elderly who are considering terminating their lives to be helped to die. It’ll be interesting to find out more about the motivation... Ms. Laura de Vito, a legal counselor of NVVE
The Real Impact of Current European Migration PoliciesMr. Martijn Pluim is the director, Eastern Dimension of the International Centre of Migration and Policy Development based in Vienna, Austria. Migration is a global phenomenon which is affecting many nations due to a variety of causes; both natural and man-made. Nation states are compelled to respo... Martijn Pluim, director, Eastern Dimension of the ICMPD,Vienna, Austria
Tanja Talks to Southeast Migrant CommunityThe aim of this broadcast is twofold; firstly, to introduce to our grassroots migrant community Ms. Tanja Jadnanansing, the new chair lady of the Amsterdam Southeast Bestuur Commissie. Secondly, it is explore some of her ideas and position on the characteristic issues affecting residents of our comm... Ms. Tanja Jadnanansing
Matching People to Work opportunities in South-East (Municipality & Community PerspectivesQuite often there is the talk about matching people to job opportunities. At the end of the day, you will find out that this matching does not always work out perfectly as expected. It becomes important from a more pragmatic angle to look at the mechanisms and policies being used for this matching,... Mrs. Nenita la Rose, PvdA (Amsterdam), Mr. Nelson Matthew,Infinity Ventures
Perspectives on Issues Plaguing African Minority Groups in the NetherlandsThe position, visibility and relevance of the minority African nationals living in the Netherlands requires a strategic review and re-positioning. In contrast with other minority groups living in this country, African nationals ought to strive to become more visible and nationally relevant throug...
Role-modeling Migrant Youth Out of PovertyPoverty is a stiff-necked problem that does not yield its grounds easily. In the urban areas of most metropolitan cities, youth with minority backgrounds are most at risk with poverty and its related problems. In today’s programme we are going to be discussing how role-modeling of our younger gen... Reyolds Boateng & Richard Kyei (a sociologist & researcher)
The Trauma of Having a Relative Living With A DisabilityWe've been dealing with disability and the attitude of people in society such as relatives, family members and even neighbours. Today, we are hosting someone who has a relative living with a disability. We will be exploring the impact of the situation on this person way of life; directly and indi... Guest: Ruben Pantoplet, Amsterdam
Spotlighting the Amazing Sides of People With DisabilityIt is high time people with disability get a fair share of public attention and credit for the smallest amount of positive and mundane accomplishments that they are able to make. Most of the time people with handicaps tend to be shoved behind the scenes, are often forgotten and their talents litt... Caroll Sastro. Caroll , President of Platform Gehandicapten Zuidoost.(inset), (L-R) Caroline Nyamea, Ruben Pantoplhet
Disability- Breaking the Taboo Around the Migrant ChildBeing able-bodied has its merits, however, having some physical and/or mental disability actually does have its own special merits too. Society generally tends to have a sympathetic disposition towards people with disability and a tendency to treat such people differently. It is no secret that th... Guest: Mrs Veronica vander Kamp, Chairlady, GAM TV (middle)
Wanted- Coloured Ladies ± 70 Years & Living In SoutheastAre you a cute, coloured lady living in Amsterdam Southeast? Then you are wanted for a free photo shoot session. Our guest today is Peter van de Meer is professional photographer in Amsterdam who is looking for coloured ladies who are ±70 years of age and living for ± 20 years in Amsterdam Sout... Peter van de Meer, Professional photographer
Our Security: In the Private & Public SpacesYour security is no longer the sole responsibility of the state policing and surveilance agencies but has become the collective job of us all. Times have indeed changed and with the security challenges facing us all today, each and everyone of us must develop a keen sense of alertness both in pri... Jürgen Baas, criminologist and security consultant (Crime Control Consultancy)
Talk With H.E Ambassador Koloane of South AfricaSouth Africa as a country still draws much admiration and curiosity the world over. That Nelson Mandela's courage and leadership has inspired the world, and changed for the better the image of that nation cannot be denied. In this broadcast, we hosted live by telephone H.E. Vusi Bruce Koloane the... H.E. Mr. V.B. Koloane, South Africa ambassador to the Netherlands
Preventing Youth Radicalisation: How We All Can Help (Social Perspective)The Brussels terror attacks strongly indicates that our young people are being radicalised and brainwashed right under our noses. The individualism in our modern society is partly to blame for this trend of affairs (among several other factors). Given this trend, are we all going to be dependi... (L-R): Captain Steve (community activist, A'dam), Alhaji Ouro Youssif (FGM Ambassador, A'dam), Hon. Collins Nweke, Councillor, Oostende, Belgium (R)
Meet the Buurt/Neighboourhood Ambassadors‏Buurtambassadeurs or Neighbourhood ambassadors are a quite an phenomenal development on the landscape of good citizenry by Amsterdammers. Ordinary people of all ages and backgrounds have volunteered themselves to assist in improving and making their neighbourhoods more liveable. In our next br... (L-R) Randall Maarman, (guest), Apostles HelenRuth and apostle Larry Dorkenoo (host)
Euthanasia: The Ethics of Choosing Whether to Die or Not‏The debate about euthanasia (the right to choose to die) has not yet lost its controversial tone; especially, in relation to issues of faith and ethics. This act is also called 'mercy killing'. Although in 2002 euthanasia became legal in the Netherlands for those who desire to die in this fashion... Dr. Robert Schurink, Director, NVVE
What Christmas Is and Is Not - A Lady MinistersThis was a light and mixed religious and social discussion about the meaning, importance of Christmas. The main question was about what Christmas is and what it is not. Enjoy the talk!... Min. Ify Ezeagabu, Aps. Joanne Amoah, & Rev. Ruby Fiawoo
Celebrating A Devoted Volunteer - Erik VeltenaarBeing a volunteer is laudable service to humanity. Some people have devoted their time endlessly in helping others. In this programme we will be hosting Erik Veltenaar, a 2015 volunteer-award winner for VENZO. He shared his reason and passion for being a volunteer. You will be challenged and i... Erik Veltenaar, VENZO,Amsterdam and Samir, a Syrian
Profile: An Elderly Syrian Refugee Who Learned to PaintEver thought it is too late for you to learn new skills? Oh no, it will never be, especially in this age of the abundant knowledge and the internet. In our next broadcast we will be meeting an elderly Syrian man who displaced due to the war but now has taught himself how to paint art-works throu... Talal Shkeifah & Samir
International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women 2015This was a special forum programme by women from all walks of life who gathered to commemorate 2015 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The panelists were Min. Joane Amoah, Ify Ezeagagbu, Patrica Idudu and Rita Agyeyere. The programme was hosted by Apostle Helen Dorkenoo... Min. Joane Amoah, Sr. Ify Ezeagagbu, Ms.Patrica Idudu and Ms. Rita Agyeyere.
Perspectives On Current Refugee Crisis The refugee crisis today in the year 2015 has taken our world by storm. The logistical requirements to process and to resettle these massive inflow of people is at this point not yet know. The citizens of our cities and nation have mixed reaction to this trend of events and since we all have to d... Jude Kehla Wirnkar (Platform Zuidoost), Roy Riste (D66) and Ama Carr (PvdA)
Overwhelmed With Social Media Obsession?Social media is a very great innovation for our technological era and does offer many benefits. However, it has become one of the most distracting time-demanding! What is your personal experience? We all love Facebook, Twitter etc, etc but there is no denying the fact that it serves us in many d... Guests: Dr.Nupor Kohli Comedian No-Way& Captain Steve
When the Dutch and the Nigerian MarryMixed marriages are no new phenomena in our human race, however, every once in a while our attention is drawn to aspects of our co-existence of people from a different ethnic and cultural background. In this programme, we will be asking two Nigerian ladies Joane Amoah (a reverend minister and pro... Joane Amoah (an evangelist and proprietor of a modelling agency) and Anita Hogan (Nollywood actress) & Okuns Obahiagbon
Honour-based Violence Through Internet We all aware of the conventional forms of domestic violence within our society. With our changing society has also come a change in the way honour-related violence is now done; it is gone virtual! Honour-based domestic violence being done by internet and the police sees this as cybercrime. In... Souad Boumedian, a senior thematic police detective
Link Between Substance Abuse and Partner Violencehe association between alcohol use and domestic violence has been well established by past research, and there is growing evidence that drug use is associated with domestic violence. The clearest evidence is that alcohol is a risk factor for domestic violence offending. It is known that males for... Sheela Vyas & Wilco Schilthuis
Forced Child Marriages Must StopForced marriages are bad, but forced CHILD marriages? You may be wondering in disbelief whether this sort of practice takes place on this planet. Truth be told, it is happening now and sometimes even before we become aware of it. In this programme we would be look into the case of forced marri... Forced Child Marriage (Source:Internet)
Impact of a Father-figure in the development of the childFatherhood today is plagued with so many challenges and as a result, this trend has taken its toll on both the children and the fathers. How does a father-figure impact a child\'s academic performance, social behaviour and other aspects of the child\'s development? In this programme, we w... Drs. :Peter Tromp & Nii Tackie
Cultural and Customary Perspectives of FGM Concerning Men & WomenClosing the chapter on FGM has been a long and a tough battle. As part of the \"after-care\" campaign activities planned for this year, it is intended to help women victims live more-fulfilling lives. In this programme we will be engaging men and women to discuss their beliefs and perspectiv... Choice Osaghiede, Alhaji Yussuf Ouro,Mohammed Abdi
Male and Female Cultural Customary Perspectives of FGMClosing the chapter on FGM has been a long and a tough battle. As part of the "after-care" campaign activities planned for this year, it is intended to help women victims live more-fulfilling lives. In this programme we will be engaging men and women to discuss their beliefs and perspectives o... Choice Osaghiede, Alhaji Yussuf Ouro,Mohammed Abdi
Ladies Forum: Being A Single Mum and A Career LadyBeing a single mum appears to be a trendy phenomenon these days, but is it also a deliberate choice? Plus, combining a full-time job or career with the responsibility of raising kids can be quite tough, yet we have seen (and still do see) modern women coping quite well. But, how are do they do it? ... Serah Olajumoke Balogun James, Victoria Wobo and Susan Ackah
Debate: Is Poverty a Mindset or an Inherited Legacy?How we perceive a problem or challenge is usually the first step in dealing with it. Some believe that poverty is a mindset and others think it not In this debate, we would like to use a qualitative approach to stimulate discussions by migrants among migrants on the poverty issue. We all know ... Hedy-Jane, Shola Elija, Samuel Walumbinga & Sam Beecham
How to Empower Those in Poverty the SMART WayThe fight against poverty is an age-old duel. Some have succeeded while others not. Most times when people are cast into a life of poverty by unfortunate circumstances or by virture of own choices, some standard templates are often used to try to salvage them out of poverty. These do not always work... Ruth Sinkelar (CLIP Coaching), Nelson Mathew (Stg. Infinity Ventures)
Dealing with the Invisible Scars and Consequences After FGMAs part of our collaboration with the Federation of Somalian Associations in the Netherlands (FSAN) this year, we have been focusing some of our shows on the "after-care" for women scarred psychologically and emotionally by FGM. Quite often, these aspects of the horrible FGM experience are unk... Guest: Dr. Suaad Abdulrehman, Pychiatrist & Sexologist
Fatherhood Today: The Unspoken Issues Affecting ManyFatherhood has become a hot issue lately and there has been many forums and workshops around the subject; not to mention the countless NGOs working in that terrain. In a recent fatherhood discussion forum in Amsterdam, emotions run high as participants discussed their fatherhood plights and dilemmas... Drs. Peter Tromp
Raising Children in Today's Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic SocietySince the onset of migration among the human race, we have been constantly confronted with raising our family in a non-native environment or in a different cultural setting. Our children therefore have no choice but have to learn to adapt to the new circumstances all the time. This radio programm... Serah Olajumoke Balogun James (an education officer -Rotterdam) Drs. Ineke Wildenborg (Opvoedpoli Amsterdam)
FGM: Working With Victims Lessons Learned In this broadcast we will be featuring a panel of experts who would be discussing how to support women who have gone through female genital mutilation (FGM). The panel will also be discussing their work with FGM victims and how to facilitate their care and recovery. On the panel were Mrs. Ahla... Mrs. Ahlam Abelaziz, Mrs.. Rita Vermeulen, Mrs.Choice Osaghiede and Mr. James Owie.
Life After Reconstructive FGM Surgery with Aida BelayThis show sought to share real-life information by Aida Belay, a lady who has had genital reconstructive surgery.... Aida Belay, Choice Osaghiede
Asylum Refugees: The Plight and Situation of People in NeedLiving among us are people who appear to be leaving under very stressful and often times difficult situations. We are talking about asylum seekers and refugees; people who have fled their home countries under varying and often challenging circumstances. Around last Christmas there was some discus... John Olsen,Chair, Christen Unie Party - Amsterdam Southeast
Face to Face with 'Wij Zijn Hier' Asylum seekersIn this radio programme we are featuring a group of failed asylum seekers who are living in Amsterdam Southeast. Recently, we a team of Voice of Naija programme-makers paid a visit to see for themselves their and to talk to this group. They are also know by the label “We are here” or in Dutch ... Not available
The foundation Old Orlu Progressive AssociatioThe foundation Old Orlu Progressive Association in Amsterdam celebrated its 10th founding anniversary last Saturday, the 18th October 2014 in Amsterdam. The old Orlu members comprise Igbo citizens living here in Amsterdam Southeast. The ceremomy was also used to raise funds for a project to aid d...
Dealing with Losses and Life's DifficultiesThis life presents one with many opportunities as well as misfortunes but, not everyone has ability to stand up tall after it all. Not very few have been unhappy victims of the vicissitudes of what this life has thrown at them. Yet, there are some have triumphed and have story to tell. In this br... Ms. Gimena Blindeling Eliza
Marriage for the Sake of Family Honour‏In this public workshop the issue of forced marriages among ethnic migrant peoples was featured. Our guests tried to answer questions such as: - what is an "Honour-related marriage"? -Who gets the honour for such an arrangement: couple, their family or the society? - Are you aware of practical ... Imam Ryan Dilrosun Dr. Sharda Nandram
What Women DonToday, and more than ever before in human history, women are being pressured to perform to earn raises into positions of prominence and honour. Over the years, they have been given the idea that they are not good or powerful enough. The male folks have also made it more difficult by not accepting wo... Glenda Magloire, president and founder of Foundation Community Building International Network Netherlands (CBINN).
Being Black: Born and Raised in AmsterdamWhat is it like to be born black and raised in a city like Amsterdam? This is a story and an experience worth listening to as we consider and re-consider issues bordering on the multicultural life and society of today. There are always questions about how well- or less-integrated society real... Robert Sordam
Jobs! Jobs!Jobs: How To Maintain the Work FlowJobs are necessary for our very survival. These are challenging times where companies are shedding jobs all over the place due to an unfavourable economic climate. The government on the other is doing all in its power to make sure jobs are available to the people and one of the main institutions co... Diane Rhamdani, Mustapha Salim
Poverty: The Root of the Matter in ZO -Part 2This is part two of last week's show: In recent times, there has been much discussion about the state of poverty in certain parts of the Netherlands. Especially in the Southeast of Amsterdam which has a large migrant population is this situation not hard to find. The local government along with con... Guests: Stephanie Capriles, Hedy-Jane, Kenia
Child Protection: Agencies Involved and the Human FactorChild protection services is not a perfect institution. Every now and then issues do crop which raise eye brows or give cause for some concern. In this broadcast, we welcome staff from to discuss some of their intervention procedures as well as recently published matters in the press. O... Ms. Zandra Wilson and Ms. Magalie Molly
Single-Mothers: Where Are The Absentee Fathers?A time comes when one wonders why some women end up raising up their kids all by themselves - without the physical presence of a father. There are obviously different causes for this situation. Strangely, some,ladies actually prefer to single-handedly raise their children. To understand what t... Panelists: Angela Edhardt, Christiana Among & Pashensi
Debt Freedom: All The Help You Need Is Here!In times of economic crisis, people tend to fall into financial problems often. This is sometimes not their choice nor of their own making but due to overwhelming circumstances. That is when the help of experts in dealing with debts problems come in handy. Besides already existing and specialize... Nelson Matthew,Debt-Relief consultant
Mama Watoto: Empowering Disadvantaged Women Foundation Mama Watoto (Swahili for mother of children) was established by a group of African women living in the Netherlands. Their aim is to help improve living conditions of individuals irrespective of their political, religious, philosophical denomination orientation in society. The foundatio... Ms. Christine Among, Director, Foundation Mama Watoto
Slavery Today: Get a First-Hand StoryWe all hear of human trafficking and probably feel it is a bad thing. Most people may not have heard a victim share his own story. In this broadcast, by courtesy of Fairwork, a help organisation for victims, we would have the privilege of speaking with one of the trafficking victims. Equipp... Hanka Mongard, Fairwork
Media Pacesetter: Mr. Quayson K.Known, especially in the Ghanaian community as Quayson K, Kwabena Quayson who also is now a pastor/preacher has been a media personality and also an entertainer over the years. In this broadcast he will be placed in the spotlight where we will get to know him from his beginnings. Join us d... Kwabena QuaysonPastor & CEO Quayson K Media Ministries
Migrants: Our Role in Building a New SocietyMigration of peoples is an unavoidable reality of our world and society today. The fact is that migration has always been a part of humanity from olden times. In recent times, however, it has seen an explosive growth due to the turmoils, wars and economic hardships around the world. That said, ... Dr. Francio Guadelope, Asst. Professor of Anthropology University of Amsterdam
Why African Men Don't ROCK! A Heated Panel discussion on about perceptions of African men's conduct in relationships! There two sides to every coin, so are these perceptions true or false? You can judge and join the discussion on Monday 9 June 2010 on Radio Razo Voice of Naija Broadcast (@ 09.00 hrs). The panelists will co...
Single Parents: A Father�s Ordeal & PerspectiveThere's been much discussion about single mothers, their plight as well as their opportunities. Hardly is mention ever made of the men who were in the lives of these single mothers. As a follow-up to last week's programme on single mothers, we would be airing in our next programme the other si... Not available
Fatherhood Crisis: Serious Issues Needing AttentionIt is good thing that the goverment of the municipality of Amsterdam Southeast is devoting some attention to problems assisted with absentee fatherhood and its related problems. The issue is not always due to a man failing to take up his responsibilities. It goes further than that to other circum... Not available
Single-Mothers: Where Are The Absentee Fathers?A time comes when one wonders why some women end up raising up their kids all by themselves - without the physical presence of a father. There are obviously different causes for this situation. Strangely, some,ladies actually prefer to single-handedly raise their children. To understand what t... Panelists: Angela Edhardt, Christiana Among & Pashensi
Child Adoption: What Are The Burning Issues? Adoption of children is an alternative way to raising a family when couples are unable for some reason to have their own children. It also provides a home and safe development environment for children who otherwise might be a miserable orphanage somewhere. In this broadcast we will look at the ad... Ms. Ina Hut,Former Director
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Radio show - Domestic Violence Update 2012On diverse fronts, efforts have been made towards improving domestic relations and it is worth revisiting the issues in order to assess how much progress has been made. To help us accomplish this we engaged the expertise of two experts: Messrs. S. Vyas and T. Pantelis from foundation Lotus & Tuli... Ms. Tuğba Pantelis, Networkcoordinator Blijf Groep & Sheela Vyas, President, Lotus & Tulip
Interview with Pastor & Mrs. Kunle Oyesanya (an Entrepreneur, Pacesetter & Pastor)To be profiled will be a Nigerian mechanical engineer-turned pastor who is based in The Hague. Together with his wife Margaret they are moving and shaking the city... The interview will start from approx. 08.15hrs... (Pastor & Mrs. Kunle Oyesanya