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Tour the World In Kempering Garage, AmsterdamThe Dutch photographer Jeroen Swolfs has almost reached his goal: To capture today’s daily life in each country of the world. Streets of the World is the result of this ambitious trip which Swolfs started in 2009. When he came up with the idea that he wanted to capture daily life in all capitals o... Jeroen Swolfs, Dutch photo journalist
Importance of Parent-Teachers Relations in Children's EducationInvesting in children is crucial and critical not only for the future advancement of any society, but also for its stability. Because the Dutch society has become multi-cultural and multi-ethnic, it has become very important to focus on helping migrant parents raise their wards who are born and a... Panel (l-r): Ms. Panshensi, Mr. Odame, Ms. Mavis Manu, Aps. Helen Dorkenoo & Ms. Sarah Larbi