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Healthy Lifestyle & Child Upbringing - Family Project

There are all kinds of parents. What is common to all is that all would be parents desire to have a healthy child at birth. Making healthy choices for yourself as a parent, a child or the family as a whole can, however, be very challenging. Combining healthy choices and child upbringing is quite demanding for everybody. A dominant concern for parents is how the choices they make impact the life of the child and by extension the wellbeing of the family. In many situations, consulting with professionals to help you along becomes inevitable and the wisest thing to do for the right solution to challenges that might confront you. Today, we are privileged to have the Parent and Child Team in our studio to address issues, pertaining to Healthy choices and Child Upbringing.

First broadcast: 10 September 2018

Monique, Maria and Sanne van Lieshout

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Healthy Lifestyle & Child Upbringing - Family Project

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Hosted by:Rev. HelenRuth Dorkenoo