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Tanja Talks to Southeast Migrant Community

The aim of this broadcast is twofold; firstly, to introduce to our grassroots migrant community Ms. Tanja Jadnanansing, the new chair lady of the Amsterdam Southeast Bestuur Commissie. Secondly, it is explore some of her ideas and position on the characteristic issues affecting residents of our community. Ms. Jadnanansing has a background as a PVDA politician. She also has a deep root as a professional in the national news media, the NOS. Currently, she is serving our community. First of all, we shall seek to know her a little bit more by exploring her profile, interests and passion and then we shall proceed to talk about her job.

First broadcast: 24 September 2018

Ms. Tanja Jadnanansing

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Tanja Talks to Southeast Migrant Community

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Hosted by:Rev. HelenRuth Dorkenoo