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Patience Mayaki-van der Horst for European Parliament

This is a brief (20-minute) radio interview this morning with Patience Mayaki-van der Horst, an aspiring EU Parliamentarian of NIgerian origin. When you see a woman, and for that matter one with migrant origins eyeing a political office at the European Parliament, then it’s a potent sign that we are living in different and promising times. Ladies and Gentlemen, may we introduce to you Patience Mayaki-van der Horst , a migrant lady who has emerged from the shadows with a clear voice and a relevant message for our time. She stands for Migration, Human Rights and Climate change, and is number 18 on the Christen Unie-SGP platform. Patience needs your support to win a seat in the European Parliament during the upcoming elections.

First broadcast: 20 May 2019

Patience Mayaki-van der Horst

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Patience Mayaki-van der Horst for European Parliament

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Hosted by:Rev. Larry Dorkenoo